• From monday to friday, in Asako, we offer to you a daily lunch menu, two dishes and dessert, at the price of 12,40€. (We will not have that offer during the weekends and holidays. ask for the chef´s suggestions).
  • Monday 24/06

  • Sushi: Chef´s makis.
    Potatoes and prawns timbale with thai cocktail sauce.
    Three chocolates cake.
  • Tuesday 25/06

  • Cashewnuts “Ajoblanco” with tobikko yuzu roe.
    Chicken teriyaki brochette with vegetables cous cous.
    Tiramisú mousse.
  • Wednesday 26/06

  • Sushi: Chef´s makis.
    Chicken sauteed with seaweed and chickpeas.
    Capuccino parfait.
  • Thursday 27/06

  • Kumato tomato with “gari” and japanese young onion.
    Octopus croquettes with kimchi mayonnaise.
    Pears and caramel semifreddo.
  • Friday 28/06

  • Roasted vegetables salad with tomato vinaigrette.
    Chicken crunchy taco.
  • Price per person : 11,40 € Pan and IVA included.

Leyenda Alérgenos

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  • Huevos
  • Pescado
  • Cacahuetes
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  • Lácteos
  • Frutos de Cáscara
  • Apio
  • Mostaza
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  • Dióxido de Azufre y Sulfitos
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