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With our peculiar fusion cusine, in Asako, we got to come into Málaga´s gastronomy introducing the sushi into the taste of the peoplefromMálaga: nigiris, makis, uramakis and sashimi are nowadays plates that proliferates in our guest dinners and lunchs.

In one way we are recovering classic spanish products and recipies and widen them with the asian character, traditionals flavors like the iberian pork or the red tuna became to be populars again thanks to the fusion with the asian cusine, and in ther other way we also add the mediterranean flavor to the japaneses and asian recipies.

In our recipies we play with japaneses, thai, koreans and of course andalusians, mediterraneans and iberian flavors. To complete our culinary offer, we also serve our sushi and all the others plates to take away and eat at home.